Create a Lifestyle of Wellness.......
What does that mean? Creating a Lifestyle of Wellness includes a combination of all aspects of our lives. It includes our bodies as well as our minds and even into our soul. Wellness begins with good nutrition and plenty of exercise. But there’s more to it than that. Our minds need to be healthy as well.

That begins with
stress management. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. Our bodies produce endorphins when we exercise which in turn produces a sense of euphoria and well being. Walking is a great way to begin any fitness program. It’s low impact and doesn’t require any special equipment except for a good pair of shoes.

Meditation is another good stress reliever. Meditation restores the mind and body back to a calm state which helps the body repair itself and frees the mind of problems that may be causing stress. Practicing yoga helps focus our thoughts while building a strong core, and making our muscles strong.

Incorporating fitness, diet, and stress relief through exercise and meditation is a great place to start to begin a lifestyle of wellness. The benefits are many including
weight loss, great skin, and good health. Now is the time to begin your lifestyle of wellness.


Rising Above Depression
Alternative modalities like yoga, breathing, and meditation, can do more than lift your mood and tap into inner reserves of strength... They can Save Your Life.Let's face it, stress, depression, excess weight, they all play a part in shortening our lives......

A Healthy Diet

is important not only for weight loss but for good health as well. Our bodies need many nutrients to function properly. A good diet consists of....


is any type of physical exertion we perform in an effort to improve our health, shape our bodies, and boost performance. Obviously that covers a broad range of activities and, luckily, there are plenty to go around whether you want to.....


It refreshes us like nothing else.
It can be occasionally elusive,
almost always comforting, and
definitely essential to our survival.
And although we spend 33% of
our lives asleep, we barely give
it a moment's notice
...................until we can't sleep.

Managing Stress is
necessary to maintain good health.
Long term stress is especially
damaging to the body and can cause
damage to almost all of our body parts
. .................more
A Life in Balance
is a guided journey to joy, peace,
and an intentional life grounded
in the four roots of the self.
Serenity -  Find what brings
us peace, and channel it into
everything we do.
Exercise - Align the body with
energy and health through
walking, yoga, and more. 
Love - Build community and
relationship that heal others
as well as ourselves.
Food -Pay attention not just to
what we eat, but to what we
experience through all our
   Written by Dr. Kathleen A. Hall

Coming soon..... The Benefits of Massage and Chiropractic Care

Start the new year out right by taking care of yourself in all aspects of wellness. We all know good nutrition and exercise are very important for staying healthy and staving off disease. Stress relief is also important. A good way to help relieve stress..........A nice soothing, relaxing massage. Treat yourself and enjoy the serenity of forgetting it all and total relaxation......................

  Relax The Back

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